Santo Donald

oggi, mentre sono uscita comprando carta igienica e dell’altre robe, l’ho visto “Donald” o “Don” la guardia girata circa il villagio di mountain brook. mi e’ abbraciata da fronte due volte, come siamo… Continue reading

Restare Seduto

io ho voluto scrivere in italiano ma non c’e’ stato un posto. qui, forse riesco ad esprimere la verita’ della poesia italiana. “ci vuole poco a capire come stanno le cose” -il dizionario.… Continue reading

2 after the 1

Oh yeah and don’t forget the music.  captured at the venice biennale 2009 you are looking at a picture of a picture of a scene in which three great men hug and smile;… Continue reading

Silliously serious and sometimes seriously silly

Survival tips: pt. 1   dancing is important never stop dancing vi amo vi amo mi amo mi amate sono amore  pt. 2     flowers of the kitchen party/jam/talk/cook/stare/make tea/coffee in the kitchen as often as possible… Continue reading

Gessopalena, Italy

Here in these parts, people keep peacocks for pets.

Orange Meet Limon

While I was au-paring in Florence I spent a lot of my time drawing with the little folk

Not Goodbye

Hello All, The weather and all the nostalgia that comes with it is begging me to remember the keen and wondrous people and places+ daily linguistic breakthroughs of my crusades about Italy that… Continue reading

Art Felt

This is a wall right next one of the main bridges in Pescara. There is a secret message written in brail.  My first thought was to try to decrypt the code into a spoken… Continue reading


ABRA CADORKY, “Well, let me tell you, you can’t stop the charm monster from coming” – Tom Hanks


  A co-worker found this in “Fighting Indians of the West” at our used bookstore. I had the mental image of some creep slowly peeling the skin from a helpless, wriggling toad, the… Continue reading